Disable WordPress Post Revision

All the posts or pages you’re creating, updating or making edit of them, WordPress is saving every once in a while to protect you losing your work. WordPress stores multiple revisions for each page or post and the exact numbers of revisions depend on how your specific site is configured. By default there is no limit to the number of revisions that will be saved.
It’s a well-known that WordPress multiple post revisions slows down your website.

Revisions are actually full copies of your posts those take space in your site’s database.
It means if you have hundreds of posts, you have few hundreds of revisions stored in your website’s database.

To disable Post Revision completely follow the following steps:

1. Login to your cpanel
2. On Files menu Click ‘File manager’.
3. Go to WordPress installation directory that is “publci_html” or “www”
4. Find the “wp-config.php” file.
5. Right click the file and click edit and again click edit.
6. Now find this text line : /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy publishing. */
7.  Copy the following code and paste above that line.

define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

8. Save and your are done.